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About our Bootcamps


Our bootcamps are designed to provide you with the necessary tools to empower you along your entrepreneurial journey. Each bootcamp is a dynamic and informative eight (8) hour event. To be awarded the grant, you must attend all 8 hours and successfully score 90 percent on the evaluations related to each topic of discussion. You must be willing and prepared to learn new ways of seeing business, thinking about business, and operating in business. This is not a lending program. If you are in need of funds for capacity building, there is no grant to be awarded. We will, however, work to position and advise you on how to best approach our Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) and traditional lenders. If you are not successful in receiving a grant, you may reapply and attend a future bootcamp.


Bootcamps take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. You only need to attend one (1) Saturday bootcamp. Invitations to the bootcamps will be based on the application narrative below. Surveys will also help us guide you through the process. We are evaluating additional weekday bootcamp offerings, as the need presents itself. If you have business partners, all partners are recommended to attend the bootcamp together (if possible). There is no cost to attend any bootcamp. Please include the total number of partners when you register for the bootcamps. We will make provisions for partner groups because space will be limited at each camp. Please do not bring children or anyone who is not an active part of your business.


According to the United States Census Bureau, there are around 130,000 African-American-owned businesses, approximately 15,000 of these organizations are located in Wisconsin. We are passionate about increasing this number. The 3000 Black Business Challenge is an initiative by the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce Inc. solely focused on birthing 3000 black-owned businesses in the Milwaukee area before the year 2024. Through our high-quality capacity building workshops and events, new businesses can reach greater heights.


Application Steps:

  • Click through the calendar below and choose which Bootcamp; Startup, Technical Assistance or Capacity Building.

  • Tell us why you should be invited to attend (below).

  • Special messages will be sent via emails as more programs open up! 

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We provide an extensive consulting experience for start-up businesses as well as large corporations. We are equipped to assist with a wide range of services from business plans, human resource management and group training, to professional executive consulting.

Our Bootcamps get you started! Our Providers offer the Services You Need to get your Business on the right track.

Startup Funding

Technical Assistance

Capacity Building

Business Plan Creation

Business Credit

Financial Literacy

Commercial Finance

Business Accounting

Entrepreneurial Consulting

Annual Black Business Exposition

& Much More

Our Bootcamp Topics Include:

  • Starting a 501c3

  • Business Startup Workshops

  • Civil Rights Law in Contracting

  • SBA HUB Zone Monitoring/ Section 3 Monitoring/Opportunity Zone Briefings

  • City, County, Corporate, State, and Federal Certification Assistance

  • Accounting & Taxation Basics

  • Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Monitoring

  • How do CDFI's Work?

  • Personal Credit

  • Business Credit

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