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Black people should be the largest employer of black people!

Wisconsin Black Chamber


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The Wisconsin

Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

3020 W. Vliet Street

Milwaukee, WI, 53208



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9am - 3pm

M - F


Technical Assistance Workshop(s)

Our Technical Assistance workshops take place the first Saturday of every month.  9am - 10am

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Grant Writing Workshop

Our Grant writing workshop take place on the first Saturday of each month. 10am - 11am

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New Members Only:

The Money is in the Paperwork Workshop. Taxes, Contracts, Employees, Unemployment Insurance and more... First Saturday of each month 1pm - 3pm

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Online Marketing Workshop

Our marketing workshop takes place the second Saturday of each month. 10am - 11am

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What is Capacity Building?

This Workshop take place the 3rd Saturday of each month.

9am - 10am

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What is a Section 3 Business?

This workshop takes place the 3rd Saturday of each month..

9am - 10am 

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What is a Chamber of Commerce Workshop. How does being a member of a chamber of commerce help you business grow.  

Second Saturdays 1pm - 2pm

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We believe that, Black People should be the largest employers of Black People!

We believe that in our community, we deserve the same standard of living that others enjoy!

Take our survey!    Tell us how we can do a better job in improving black business!

Technical Assistance Workshops

Grant Writing


How to market


Home Buying & Real Estate Workshops

10 years working for our cause

More than 200 active businesses

20 corporate partners

15 initiatives a year

5 annual events

The Mission of The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to empower community businesses through: media, marketing, & promotions.

Business Highlight of The Month


In, 1968, the Pitts Funeral Home started serving the bereaved families in the city of Milwaukee and its surrounding communities with grace, professionalism and dignity.


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