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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the most epic culinary battle of the year! The 23rd Men Who Cook competition is happening on June 14th, 2025. Who will be the next champion to take home the crown and earn the ultimate bragging rights? You don't want to miss this! Stay tuned for all mouth-watering action!


From the savory smell of homemade dishes to the camaraderie of the chefs, Men Who Cook is more than just a cooking competition. It’s a morning of fun, friendship, and of course, delicious food. This year, we’re celebrating 23 years of delicious competition, and we can’t wait to share the celebration with you.

You Be The Judge!

Come and sample the many different dishes prepared by our cooks. Each entry will be judged by presentation and taste. You are the judge! Turn in your score sheet when you are done taste testing.

How The Competition Works!

Step One: Join us

Step Two: Buy Tickets (one dollar each) or buy a wristband/stamp ($20 per person, sample all!)

Step Three: Pick up a scoresheet


Step Four: Enjoy Sampling


Step Five: Turn In Scoresheet by 2pm!


Step Six: Participate in Awards Ceremony

Partial Proceeds benefit Jaha Workshop's Father/Son Camping Trip.

This is a very special fundraiser.

Become a Sponsor

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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