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Welcome to the
Wisconsin Black
Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Our Mission is to make Black People the Largest Employers of Black People

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Wisconsin Black Chamber

Coffee Collaboration w/Jamaican Fair Trade + Boujee Cup of Joe

Small Business Grants

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Technical Assistance Workshop(s)

First Saturdays - 9am - 10am 

Our Technical Assistance workshops take place the first Saturday of every month. 

Become a member!

Click on this link to join workshop.

(Remember, no one is there until the first Saturday!)

Wine down for Wine Makers

You need to GET AWAY!  Don’t worry about gas prices, traffic or parking…just eat, drink and MAKE WINE in Chicago, 

Date: Saturday, September 17th, 2022 

Time: 10:30a-9:30p

Departure: We Leave Milwaukee at 11:05a SHARP!!

We’ll start at Obama’s favorite breakfast spot, Velois! This is located in the trendy Hyde Park area. You can have breakfast, lunch or whatever you like! 

Then we’re off to Wild Blossom Meadery for their wine making class from 3-5p. After class we’ll head to the trendy Sophy Hotel where you can drink, eat, mix & mingle or just people watch! We’ll leave Chicago around 8, and you’re back in Milwaukee by 9:30p.

Details of the wine making class…

You will need to attend 2 classes. The 1st goes over the process, and you will start your batch (batch makes 25-30 bottles). Your batch will ferment for 2 weeks, then it will be racked (the facility will rack for us). In 6-10 weeks we will return for the second class for bottling. Bottling is the most fun part!! 


*The facility bottles every day, we don’t have to come back at the same time, however that would add to the fun! They can also bottle for you for 20.00/case + cost of bottles.  


Additional costs…

Ingredients run from 80-200.00. 

Bottles are 16.99 for a case of 12, you will need 25-30 bottles (you can bring your own bottles) 

*Can bottle for you 20.00 case (+ cost of bottles/12 bottles=a case). 

Bottling is the most fun part. !!

Create labels for 40.00 (30 labels)-there are websites where you can make your own labels at home and print them 

You can infuse, you have to bring your own marijuana. 



You will have 2-2.5 cases of your uniquely created wine, tailored to your taste! With your own label!! If you spend at least 10.00 regularly on a bottle of wine...this alone pays for your whole trip!! Not to mention if you can actually SELL them! 



Total Cost for TWBCC members: 210.00

The cost of the trip includes roundtrip to Chicago & back, as well as transportation while in Chicago! Also included is the cost of your class! 

Class 83.00 per person

Transportation from Milwaukee to Chicago & Back 50.00/pp (Amtrak)

Transportation around Chicago 77.00/pp

*TWBCC gets special pricing on classes. This trip is for Chamber members, please add 40.00 for your membership (total 250.00).



*All Food & Beverage at Velois, the Sophy or additional costs associated with wine making, or other activities are your individual responsibility.

Diverse Business Assistance Grant Program 

The $37.5 million Diverse Business Assistance Grant Program will provide support to ethnic and diverse chambers of commerce and other collaboratives that provide technical assistance and services to businesses that have historically had limited access to capital and are owned by members of communities disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Diverse Business Investment Grant Program 

The Diverse Business Investment Grant Program will provide an additional $37.5 million to community development financial institutions (CDFIs), for grants to small and micro-businesses that are owned by members of communities that historically have had limited access to capital and those that were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Hello Everyone,

Please Join Us Weekly for the discussion(s)!

Just a reminder that this is the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce weekly collaboration meeting. Here we share our goals and our best practices, and we welcome you to the conversation.

We have invited CDFIs, BIDs and all ethnic and diverse chambers to join us. 

1. Grant Narrative (11.6M)

2. Status of IT/App (App and Landing Page)

3. Status of CDFI (We need to Follow Up with them.)

4. Status of Flow Chart (Professional Development/Subject Matter Experts)

Contractor Professional Development and Monitoring

City, County State and Federal Certification Assistance

Section 3 monitoring

Business Start Up Workshops

Opportunity Zone Briefings

SBA HUB Zone Monitoring

Contract Monitoring

Community Reinvestment Act Monitoring

Civil Rights Law in Contracting

How do CDFI's Work?

5. Follow Up 

6. Invitation to BIDs


HUBZone Map .png
Common Council Districts.png

Payroll Protection Program Round Two 

Click here for LOAN RULES UPDATE

Click here to learn more!

Click here to learn more!


COVID19 EIDL Application

PPP Application

List of SBA Lenders in Wisconsin

 Business Law 

Business law assistance program for small businesses

Services: Eligible participants can receive brief assistance on a wide variety of business law matters including:

  • Finance and lending

  • Insurance claims/coverage

  • Commercial leases and contracts

  • Tax

  • Labor and employment

  • Real estate

  • Commercial debtor/creditor

  • Regulatory compliance, including privacy and COVID-19 related requirements

Payroll Protection Program plus grants and loans for small businesses and nonprofits during COVID-19

Find a list of grants and loans available for small businesses and nonprofits.

Employment Opportunities


Our Mission: Make Black People the

Largest Employers of Black People!

We believe that in our community, we deserve the same standard of living that others enjoy!

Take our survey!   

Tell us how we can do a better job in improving black business!

Technical Assistance Workshops

Grant Writing


How to market


Home Buying & Real Estate Workshops

7 Annual Events

Monthly Workshops

More than 500 active businesses

3 Corporate Partners

1 Bankers Roundtable Member(s)


New Business Start Up

2021 - 2022

Business Receiving

Technical Assistance

2021 - 2022

Business Receiving

Capacity Building 

20 corporate partners

15 initiatives a year

Our Mission is to make Black People the Largest Employers of Black People

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